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We are located in the beautiful, pristine Verde Valley in Cottonwood, Arizona..

We focus on providing the best quality and excellent customer service. We have been serving happy clients for over 30 years in Florida & Arizona..  


"One of Ami's gifts to the world is is innate ability to understand and care for the land, trees, flowers, and plants, it comes naturally to him"


We are experienced and knowledgeable in all phases of residential & commercial landscaping, irrigation systems, design, maintenance, repair and installation. Our expertise is for both commercial and residential properties.. We are equipped to execute on projects of all sizes, ranging from small paver/driveways to large scale commercial property landscaping & design, Cottonwood to Camp Verde..

Our service area includes Cottonwood, Clarkdale, Village of Oak Creek, Sedona, & Camp Verde.

We landscape because it is what we enjoy doing!.

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